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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, 32bit or 64bit for Citrix?????????? in Technical; I am about to install Windows Server on my new 8 blades, and don't know whether to install 32 or ...
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    32bit or 64bit for Citrix??????????

    I am about to install Windows Server on my new 8 blades, and don't know whether to install 32 or 64 bit version. The blades will be used for a Citrix farm and will be used to deliver the usual classroom curriculum plus SIMS (possibly, will have to see how the project goes).

    My domain is a Windows 2003 (32bit) with a Windows 2008 (32 bit) print server.

    I know you can have print driver issues, etc with 64bit, and sims is only 32 bit, but is anyone using it totally 64 bit. I don't mind about old software as I'm using this project as an opportunity to get rid of legacy software.

    If anyone is using 64bit 2008 with SIMS, I would love to hear from them. If not, do you have mixed 32/64 bit 2008 Citrix servers in your farm to accommodate SIMS???

    Many thanks

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    I believe some but not all components of Sims are 64bit compatible, but you can apparently split Sims up so the 64bit compatible components run on 64bit and the rest 32bit. Sims is complicated at the best of times, so I'm personally waiting for an MIS system to go completely 64bit before running it on Windows 64bit.

    Personally for simplicity, I would stick with 32bit Windows, then maybe look at installing 64bit Windows at a later date. You're questioning the suitability of 64bit yourself, so as a compromise you could install just one server with 64bit Windows to 'play' with.

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    Citrix is optimised for x64 and you do get better performance from my experience. I would recommend keeping one server as x86 though for the PITA that is SIMS. Just run SIMS as a published application from that server to the others.

    I also recommend testing all your software for x64 compatibility prior to building your farm - anything that doesn't work, stick it on your x86 server as a published app.

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