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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Are you ready for vSphere in Technical; VMware Infrastructure is now vSphere, Cloud Computing ahoy! VMware vSphere, Cloud Computing, Server and Data Center Virtualization - VMware...
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    Are you ready for vSphere

    VMware Infrastructure is now vSphere, Cloud Computing ahoy!
    VMware vSphere, Cloud Computing, Server and Data Center Virtualization - VMware

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    *wants live motion and centralised management console in ESXi 4.0, knows damn well he isn't going to get it*

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    vSphere 4 (an extention of the previous generation VMware platform VMware Infrastructure 3) has been annouced today.

    Some nice features too but it's not available to get your paws on for a month so the wait continues

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    Fault Tolerence for VMs = very, very usefull and good thats its available at a relativly low service level.

    Data recovery. A basic backup system was needed, as backup companies were charging more for a VM backup system per host than vmware did per host for Vi3 standard licences (to education).

    Ability to add memory and cpus without reboots = Handy addition.

    vShield = pre-emptive strike on x-vm exploits.

    vStorage Motion no longer experimental.

    No more Flex licencing server, its done through Vcenter 4 or assigned to a Host. Option for another single point of failure gone.

    Now licenced per socket...

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