Good afternoon,

maybe someone here will know the answer.

we have two Wyse servers. Server 1 is only used for 1 set of student images; server 2 has a second set of student images, and the staff computer image.

All student computers can boot up fine using the image (on server 1 and server 2), and can log on fine. HOwever, the staff image can be loaded, but all 65 machines have suddenly dropped off the network - so while they load the image, when staff log on, they get the "domain controller unavailable" message.

It's not an image issue as such, as the image has not changed in two months, and has worked fine until now, and is on no-cache mode, and as such, changes are not saved to it. It's not a server issue, as Server 2's student image works absolutely fine.

We have made the image volatile, and logged on locally to a workstation. Rejoined domain, rebooted, machine logged on fine. However, same image does not work on any other machines, still has same problem.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's not really a workable solution for us to go join every machine back on the domain, as it's time consuming and until we know what could have cause ALL staff machines to stop working, we can not guarantee that it won't happen tomorrow.

Really hope someone can help, as Wyse say it's an MS problem, and won't help us.