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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Wyse x90 versus Netbooks in Technical; ...
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    Wyse x90 versus Netbooks

    We are introducing Citrix and this will include a number of thin-client laptops.

    We have trialled the Wyse x90 and been very impressed, however the cost of about £400 seems steep when netbooks are in the region of £200.

    I am therefore thinking of using netbooks instead of the Wyse x90s because we could buy more / spend less.

    Can anyone sugest any downsides to this thinking?

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    I would suggest it depends on what you want. We have a load of old laptops for teachers around the school which are too slow for the teachers to use. I wanted to set them up as wireless thin clients as we already have a terminal server.
    These laptops are very slow with xp on, and consequently take too long to logon.

    See my previous thread

    Thin Client Laptops

    However if you want people to boot into linus or windows on a netbook and then start the thin client, but still have access to the desktop it shouldnt be a problem.
    However if like me you wanted it to boot straight to the TS login screen, it may be a bit of a pain unless you know a fair bit about linux, as xp doesn't cut it very well.

    Hope that helps

    PS i gave up with the idea of using laptops as wireless thin clients as my knowledege of linux is too limited and i had no idea where to start. But if you know more about linux it could be worth a punt.

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