Please don't flame me for this, but I have 35 of these units I need to sell. We bought 50 of them for a thin client replacement of a University computer lab. The VMware portion of the project went bad, and we pulled the plug in October of 2008. These units are barely used and we've reflashed them back to the factory default. I know that this post belongs in the for sale section, but if I posted it there, would anybody that was interested ever actually see this?

This is a good opportunity for somebody that has a real need for the t5730 to get a bunch at a great price. We posted them on ebay here:

HP t5730 S2100 1GF/1GR Thin Client GY228AA - eBay (item 180318617063 end time Jan-12-09 08:24:10 PST)

But we're ok with selling directly as well. Please feel free to PM me for more information. Please don't offer me $100 as we've had other low ball offers and that is just a waste of our time.

Thank you!!!!!