Hey all!

Hopefully someone can help me with this, its driving me nuts

Got a Citrix farm running PS4.5, all of the clients are HP T5530's running WinCE5. Now the school has decided to create a 'virtual science lab' and want to use their current datalogging equipment (12+ year old Philip Harris DL+ 32's) Wonerfully they use serial to connect to the terminal.

Whatever I do, I cant get the datalogger to connect in a Citrix session, I have only managed to do it in a single RDP session as Administrator (and that only worked once, wont work again) Plugging the DL+ straight into the server works fine everytime as well as a 'standard' workstation, so it cant be the DL+.

I've enabled serial on the T5530, ensured that disable serial mapping has been switched off in Citrix and have even got down to trying to map manually to the comm port using the command line.

Anyone done this? It's probably something really simple but I 've searched everywhere and cant find it!

Your help (as always) is greatly appreciated