I've been given a couple of Wyse WT9235LE terminals which I am planning to use at work to display powerpoint presentations from a server in public areas on Plasma screens (which is what they where used for previously).

Obviously they were set up for use on a different network with different settings etc so I've had to wipe them as I don't have the administrator's password (changed from the default). Managed to do this using NetXfer. However I can only use the base image from the Wyse website, when I try to reimage using the XPe SP1 images on this site afer NetXfer tells me it has been sucessful and the 9235 reboots all I get afer POST is a black screen and that's it. Not an issue using the base image get into XPe can log in as Administrator and do what I want.

Any ideas as it's driving me mad?