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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Thin Client for a "web cafe"? in Technical; I'd seen the Jack PC thin clients a while back and was impressed with the amount of space that could ...
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    Thin Client for a "web cafe"?

    I'd seen the Jack PC thin clients a while back and was impressed with the amount of space that could be saved with them, although we prefer to have CPU power on the desk for most tasks so didn't go much further.

    At the moment we're looking to refurb our cafe area and provide some Internet terminals for students where they could browse Internet, do basic Word, Excel etc and seeing as there's not much space the thin client might be a solution?

    Not too sure on the ins and outs of what we can do with them; would the desktop look like a normal PC, can it be set on auto-logon (we're Adult Education so students don't have individual accounts)? Also we're pure Windows here so will we need a dedicated server for the clients (only looking at 6-7); any licensing issues?


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    We can send you for evaluation a thin client the size of a cigarette packet and mounting bracket to fit on rear of monitor, so takes up zero space and cannot even be seen by the user...

    When switched, after 5 seconds booting you will be prompted by the server for log on details. (There is no "logging into" the thin client itself as it has no operating system, nor any local adminstration so no local destop to manage or tie down).

    This is a big benefit in terms of terms of security and simplicity, especially if you are not particularly into Linux administration and scripts! See the discussion on:

    Anyone using HP T5735 Thin Client terminals?

    Once logged on you will have a generic familiar Windows desktop supplied by the server, with the application icons you have authorised to the user.

    The login process can be automated - so for example the terminal automatically, without prompting, logs in as "guest" and automatically enters password. You would need to create the guest account on the server and associate the required applications to this account, but the actual user would not need to enter/know any specific user details

    You can also configure the terminal to only run certain applications, previous posting user set to only run SIMS, but could equally well be IExplorer.

    (The terminal can be tied down to only run multiple applications, ie IExplorer, MSword, Excel and PDF Viewer, all other applications and access to any other part of "Windows" is impossible

    Its all very well me spouting off the merits of the product, judge for yourself and request a no hassle eval (Axel M70w) on www.axel.com or send me an email on matthew@axel.com and we'll get one out to you - the only 'obligation' is that you are prepared to send it back if it doesn't suite your purposes...

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