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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Wanted: A really tough test for thin client in Technical; Sibelius does not like running in a TS session if you use that....
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    Sibelius does not like running in a TS session if you use that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhicks View Post
    Hang on, are we talking about "thin clients" in general or particular implementations?
    No thin client, or remote desktop (or anything like that) for that matter, will work properly with music production software.

    Its just the way it works. The biggest issue with music production is latency. In a "normal" computer the latency can be quite high. Now imagine what its like in a thin client, passed to a TS, and passed back to be processed again by the thin client...

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    Lee is right, I had already written Thin Client off because we don't have the money to spend and I really didn't want the sales guy sending a lot of time trying to convince me otherwise. I had another supplier in a few weeks ago who said they could supply a thin system within our budget. The quote has just arrived and it is over double the figure we discussed. This wasted his time and mine.

    As it happened, the guy today agreed straight away that it was a non-starter and is going to quote for ultra small HP stuff. I suspect that this will be well beyond our reach and we will end up with Lenovo Thinkcentres (which is fine by me)

    Thanks for all of your help and advice.

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