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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, VMware virtualised individual apps announced in Technical; Virtualised apps that can talk to each other, but are kept in separate containers. My first thought was "wonder if ...
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    VMware virtualised individual apps announced

    Virtualised apps that can talk to each other, but are kept in separate containers. My first thought was "wonder if SIMS will run inside one of those?"

    VMware turns Thinstall into ThinApp | The Register

  2. Thanks to pete from:

    jinnantonnix (11th June 2008)

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    We also bought this program some months ago. (thinstall)
    Currently we are thinstalling almost every app we have. Until now we are very happy with the results. You can imagine a Windows XP machine with only SP3 and office 2007 is very fast and stable.
    None the less you are very flexible if new software needs to be installed, you just thinstall it and place it on a share.
    The nicest part is that users are NON local admins now


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    Quote Originally Posted by jinnantonnix View Post
    I'm trying to get SIMS running under 2008's Terminal Services RemoteApp, but with cataclysmic results.
    Any luck? My plan is to have a separate TS server for SIMS, then have a login script set up so that whenever someone starts a session on the SIMS TS server the SIMS client starts automatically and picks up the username set by Windows.

    David Hicks

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