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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Virtual PC `07 - networking\usb???? in Technical; So, found out VPc 2007 doesnt support USb or shared network drives, so how do you lot manage to get ...
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    Virtual PC `07 - networking\usb????

    So, found out VPc 2007 doesnt support USb or shared network drives, so how do you lot manage to get pupils work off the virtual pc if these 2 arent available
    Floppy disk is out of the question (for obvious reasons), which leaves only cd/dvd

    Any other way round this??


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    Umm, it doesn't support shared network drives through the shared folder bit but if the virtual machine is sharing the network adapter it can connect to a networked folder just like any other workstation directly in the virtual Windows install.

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    Not sure what you mean about not supporting shared network drives? Are your virtual PCs set up so they can connect to your main network? If so, they can use its resources as normal.

    If not, you can configure virtual PC to share part of the local C: drive with the virtual machine. You then copy from VPC to C: drive to main network.

    If you lock down the C: drive you could open up a specific folder for users to work with.

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