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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Axel - New Forum Sponsor in Technical; ...
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    Axel - New Forum Sponsor

    Ultra Thin Clients from Axel

    Axel are a European developer of thin-client devices who design terminals from a unique perspective. Our concept is to develop hardware and software specifically to run RDP (Terminal Services) and ICA (Citrix), not to “improvise” on existing PC technology.

    As such there is no debate for Axel as to which operating system to use – none is required for a thin-client, so none is used. The device will only ever run RDP or ICA, both of which require 3Mb or so of memory to run. Axel develop hardware optimised to run these protocols. The flexibility offered by an operating system cannot realistically be used on a thin-client, but the advantages of not having an operating system are many….

    No local administration (no usernames / passwords / dowloading settings)
    Less hardware, so less power consumed (6w), less heat generated leading to higher reliability
    Physically much smaller and ideal for mounting out of sight on rear of monitor (M70w is size of a cigarette packet)
    Instant connection - (ie no booting)
    Simple and intuitive remote administration (no scripts, no TFTP etc)
    Lower cost (& special educational pricing, please call/email for details)

    Please contact Axel to request a no hassle evaluation terminal

    0845 225 2822

    Last edited by Axel; 24th April 2008 at 04:21 PM. Reason: as per CBs email

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    Just requested a free trial!

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    Thumbs Up

    Got my eval unit.
    What a breeze it was to setup, about a minute all told! Fab bit of kit, just need to check out the audio.
    Many thanks

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    Smile LOVE EM

    Can i just say my company has just purchased 10 of these and i / we love them.

    My Set up,

    windows XP Pro machine hosted on Xenserver and i have ThinStuff installed on the Win XP machine and have 10 users connecting to the XP Pro machine both in the office and at home via an IPSEC VPN.

    i have also plaid with the AxMenu and love this too.... its what i have been looking for....


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