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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Thin Client and Onscreen Testing in Technical; We have had quite bad experiences at the hands of exam boards with regards to Terminal servers (Windows/Citrix) and onscreen ...
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    Thin Client and Onscreen Testing

    We have had quite bad experiences at the hands of exam boards with regards to Terminal servers (Windows/Citrix) and onscreen testing.

    Does anybody know if Becta/QCA have any strategy in place at all with respect to exam boards setting system requirements that schools must be using. It seems quite outrageous that a certain piece of software (fat client XP) isn't required for a course - but it is required for an exam. Especially when it is evident that the exam boards have done precious little testing or market research for themselves. Overall we are saving many thousands of pounds by using thin clients, but may have to change strategy because exam boards are passing their (lack of development) costs on to us.

    Also I'd be grateful if anyone with similar experience could post details of the problems they experience with onscreen testing software and thin clients.

    mine problems have been:
    First it was supported by them, except it didn't work so the said it wasn't supported until they updated to promissor.
    Then they migrated to promissor and it was supported whilst it worked (it tested fine). Then they updated the software and it didn't work - so they told us it wasn't supported.

    City and Guild GOLA.
    use same software as Edexcel

    RM KS3
    10 months of complaining, a major 2k 2k3 upgrade and it eventually worked.

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    I don't think there are any guidelines but I really wish there were! Even with "normal" PCs there are all sorts of problems. We are currently being told that we can't use Vista for some tests (hooray!) but we must use Vista for others - I suspect we'll end up with dual boot machines in some exam rooms.

    We've also got a wacky problem with some of the Microsoft exams where we're being told that they don't support IE7 which I really don't believe and I suspect we're being fobbed off by rubbish helpdesk!

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