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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, VMware or Virtuoso? in Technical; I've been in the same muddle myself. Citrix enterprise looks good though...
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    I've been in the same muddle myself. Citrix enterprise looks good though

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    Do not use virtuoso...

    I have 2 servers running virtuoso in a cluster. The biggest drawback of Virtuoso is the VM's have to be the same OS as the host. I started out with 2003 64 bit so we can use all 16 gigs of memory in each server, however many of the vendors would not support their product on a 64 bit platform. So I bought 2003 32bit Enterprise. The physical to virtual would still not work even from a 32bit enterprise server. Other issues that I've had have been the backups. You can back up the VM, however multiple times it has froze. When this happens you can't migrate the remaining VM's to the other server. The only way around this was to reboot the entire host system.

    I do not recommend Virtuoso for anything more then interface servers or any other server does not require you to disrupt alot of people if it goes down (exchange or terminal servers would be a nightmare)

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    Thumbs up Update

    Well we went for VMWare ESX in the end and 2 months later upgraded to a second server and VMWare Enterprise (VMotion, etc)

    Very pleased and would recommend it, have 8 production servers, 2 testing servers, 1 XP and 1 Vista client, all running accross 2 physical servers.

    Obviously having spent the cash, i now don't want to hear anything positive about Virtuoso, Xen, MS Server 2008 virtualisation or open source solutions!

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    Having been playing with different virtualisation products for the last 8 months (although not Virtuoso - sorry OP) I can only recommend VMWare.
    It is head and shoulders above the rest for usability and most importantly, stability.
    My experience, testing VM against both Citrix and OSS Xen and even a quick look at hyper-v is that there is absolutely no competition at the moment. VMWare ESX is a mature and very stable product and it doesn't let you down. It also has all the functionality you need. I recommend starting with the free ESXi and giving it a try.
    Its only downside really is the price, but hopefully that will improve now they're getting a bit of competition.
    I thought I could go 'cheap' and bought a Citrix Xenserver licence, but that has now been replaced by the free ESXi as it just didn't live up to expectations.
    There is a reason nearly everybody in the commercial sector uses VMWare - it really is that good!

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