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    Thin Client/Citrix Newbie


    I am just in the early processes of looking at implementing a Citrix environment here for initially just one room of 30 machines and for external access. I went to BETT to investigate more and found some really useful information. I have since been speaking to A2Z Computers and they have given a lot more information and all important pricing. I just want to make sure that I am getting the right spec servers etc.

    After visiting another school locally yesterday afternoon where they had 13 Citrix servers and another one for licensing/gateway I think that I am going to go for 2 separate ones. He recommended about 25 clients per server.

    1. What spec server should I need?
    2. Is 25 per server the right ratio or can I get away with more?
    3. What sort of price should I be paying for the server?

    Hope that all makes sense and any other recommendations and do's and doníts are much appreciated.



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    I spread 75 users over 4x Dell Poweredge 860's (4Gb Ram, Dual Core Conroe Xeon 3060 2.4GFhz CPU) with Citrix Presentation server 4.5

    Additionally I have a Fujitsu RX220 (Opeteron of some description, 2Gb Ram) running the licensing and database.

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    Can I suggest that you look at Sun Ray and Sun Secure Global Desktop also.

    The cost is less than Citrix and is a chunk easier to manage.

    We have a number of schools using it. Some are users of this site.

    I can arrange a visit to one of our schools if you would like.

    We usually work on 30 concurrent connection to the application server which is

    2 Dual core 2216 Opterons
    4 GB RAM
    2 mirrored SATA/SAS drives

    These come in at around £1,950 each

    For Sun Ray SGD you will need another unit running these bits

    Drop me a PM and I can talk you through it a bit more.

    Or drop Grumbledook a message. He is one of my customers.

    Tis good kit


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