I've just taken over a new network which uses Citrix VDI-in-a-box and it's seems to have developed a problem. I know nothing about this product apart form it was working a few weeks ago and I haven't (previous technician might have) touched anything.

The problem that I have now is that when a user logs onto the box, the user is pushed to the session and the user gets logged in but then nothing happens. No applying gpos, no installing software, no nothing just sits with the windows wallpaper and the shutdown/restart icon on the bottom corner and nothing happens.
If I rdp into the hyper-v box it logs in but I'm guessing Citrix then logs me out automatically. So the hyper-v box works fine but there seems to be a Citrix client problem.

I'm utterly clueless in how to troubleshoot this problem so any help would be great.


yours.... Novice.