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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Safe to run virtualbox on Domain Controller? in Technical; Originally Posted by Domino @ abillybob you're now being insulting in return. @ Jasbo has already said he "wasn't dissing" ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    @abillybob you're now being insulting in return. @Jasbo has already said he "wasn't dissing" - and I think you're taking a hypothetical as a personal attack

    As I said before, keep it civil please. I don't want to lock OPs thread when it's also prompted a useful discussion.
    Makes it all ok now right?

    Quote Originally Posted by bossman View Post
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Only Joking! hehe!
    @Domino: Your perfectly right.......................you two guys sort it or else we send the boy's round ok! hehe!
    Pfft @bossman, do you even lift bruh!?
    Last edited by abillybob; 25th June 2014 at 03:38 PM.

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    I run virtualbox on one of my member servers - it give me the shivers just thinking about it due to the issues mentioned above. I can't wait until I can shift it off to another computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abillybob View Post
    Pfft @bossman, do you even lift bruh!?

    "Lift those trees right up off the ground!" bruh!


  4. Thanks to bossman from:

    abillybob (25th June 2014)

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    Cheers guys.
    Might just wait until summer then and get esxi on the other server that will be wiped.

    Have got this server just for the DC. Didn't want any virtual machines but was thinking of temporarily running a wsus server on it.
    Will be patient.

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    As someone who is currently suffering the after effects of a previous system build which has loaded 4 dc's up with file server, dhcp, dns, print IIS and all sorts of other roles, depending on the size of your site, KISS.

    Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Let the DC, DC, make some other servers do the rest of it.

    Split out the roles as much as practicably possible. We have put server OSs on spare workstations in the past to split off a service that was tying up a DC too much, it's not the best idea, - ESXI and virtualisation is the best idea, but it relieved the DC so it could actually serve up some auth rather than not!

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    "I don't understand how you could justify your last comment in any other way than taking the out of myself or the OP, grow up and learn not to be so sarcastic and derogative towards others."

    Luckily I do understand, it's called having a joke.

    I often find making a joke/analogy helps make a point, I don't think you could argue that you didn't get the point.

    I don't consider it sarcastic but apologies if it came across that way.

    Perhaps it IS sarcastic, dam perhaps this is why I don't have any friends?

    No disrespect meant to the OP.

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