We are running Citrix XenApp, our main ThinClient Server where the Licensing is where the service keeps crashing. Our other one is running slow, but I think is is due to the Licensing issue with the first one on communication upon logon's.

Error event ID's when trying to start service are: 37 and 4097
Every time trying to start service manually it crashes straight after and those two error ID's are in the event log.

General Event Log of ID 37:
The Terminal Services Licensing service cannot start. The following error occurred: Can't initialize Cryptographic - error code 5.

To resolve this issue, ensure that required groups are granted the correct permissions to the TermServLicensing registry key and that the value of the DBPath registry key matches the location of the LServer directory. If the problem persists, shut down and then restart the Terminal Services license server.
Detailed Event Log of ID 4097:
An error occurred during the Terminal Services license server initialization phase.

Any help regarding these two Error would be much appreciated.