Hi everyone,

as you may have seen me mention on here that we are moving away from Windows, we have thin clients set up and working in a test environment. I had tried Debian and Ubuntu previously to get up and running and to be honest CentOS was far easier, Just enable EPEL repo - "yum install ltsp". it was a case of set DHCP, use ltsp-build-client and that was it PC's are booting into LTSP thin client environment.

I can provide config files for any that interested there's not a lot of documentation CentOS that I could find on the internet.

The only known issues so far are that machines don't shut-down when you click shut-down from login screen - machines are halting at Shutting down Ethernet interfaces.

The Bonus with CentOS also is that you don't have to use NBD like you do in Ubuntu, which means you don't have to update your image every time you change or install something in your image. You simply reboot the client and as it's done over NFS in CentOS the clients will boot into the environment and everything will be there.