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Got to say I seriously disagree with this! IMHO, static drives should only be used if a) you can 100% guarrantee the maximum storage requirements, and/or b) performance is of primary concern (SQL servers?). @localzuk is right, expanding VHD's should be managed by monitoring the capacity of the storage pool. In deed, it's what Storage Pools in Server 2012 where designed to cover.

I thought hardware decoupling was a key benefit of virtualisation.
Only in the new versions, the old ones had those issues and none of the benefits. That kind of space management is fine as long as there is always someone around to check, an email is good but a once a week tech may not be able to manage things so closely. It also depends on the subscription o your hadware. I have seen schenarios where thereis only 300GB to go around on the drives with no money to update so tight management and control was required. There are resons why such things can be required and I had not read up on that particular bit since Hyperv 2k8.