Not often i have enough praise for a product to make a thread about it but these things have made my life so much easier!

Two years ago we decided we would try out windows multipoint server with some network clients as we needed an ultra cheap solution to was only ever meant to be a one room trial for 10 PCs to see if it was a viable solution. Before we got that installed (right before a summer) we had a requirement for 30 more in another building (5 per room) and were a bit stuffed for cash so we, rather stupidly, went head first on the multipoint server front. This was a very bad idea as for the past 1-2 years we've had nothing but headaches, so we finally got round to replacing them, but we still didn't want to fork out for full blown PCs and we had a perfectly good terminal server serving only 15 clients.

I've not used many thin clients, but i knew there was a lot of praise for Axel on these forums and it's safe to say i can see why!

Each terminal takes no more than about 30 seconds to configure, supplied with a 0.5m VGA lead which is very handy when using the VESA mount to put them on the backs of the monitors. Not to mention from pressing the power button to being in the RDP session takes about 5-10seconds, very impressive startup times.

Now for the question:
The only (and i really do mean only, i can't fault them in any other way) draw back is the lack of a 3.5mm audio port, anyone here who uses them currently able to direct me towards some cheap usb headphones that they know work ok with these? We don't actually need any yet but i want to be prepared for the day the question comes.