Hello Everyone,

counting down the weeks yet? , my tree is up already!

we recently installed citrix in our environment and to improve performance i wanted to assign a physcial or virtual graphics card to the enviroment.

However i have read all the how-to's and it seems when i get to the command xe-vpgu it says the command doesn't exist, in fact doing a xe help shows it doesn't , whats going on?

i did a xe help and it shows the below

Usage: xe <command> [-s server] [-pw passwd] [-p port] [-u user] [-pwf password-file]
[command specific arguments]

To get help on a specific command: xe help <command>
To get a full listing of commands: xe help --all

Common command list
cd-list, diagnostic-vm-status, network-list, snapshot-clone
snapshot-copy, snapshot-disk-list, snapshot-export-to-template
snapshot-reset-powerstate, snapshot-revert, snapshot-uninstall, sr-list
template-export, template-uninstall, vm-cd-add, vm-cd-eject
vm-cd-insert, vm-cd-list, vm-cd-remove, vm-checkpoint, vm-clone
vm-compute-maximum-memory, vm-copy, vm-disk-add, vm-disk-list
vm-disk-remove, vm-export, vm-import, vm-install, vm-list, vm-migrate
vm-pause, vm-reboot, vm-reset-powerstate, vm-resume, vm-shutdown
vm-snapshot, vm-snapshot-with-quiesce, vm-start, vm-suspend
vm-uninstall, vm-unpause, vm-vif-list
[root@CWCS-XA5 ~]#

I can only think that Citrix XenServer Platinum Licensing may be required to enable GPU-Pass through in XenServer? and we only have the enterprise,
is thats right then what about assigning 1 physcial GPU to a virtual machine? , i have tried but after the driver installs it says there was a problem with the hardware.

any thoughts?