Our LEA finance system uses Citrix. This allows our staff desktop access to a LEA computer.

I have no experience with any of this but trying to fix it as it hasnt been working for 2 weeks.

It suddenly stopped working.

Weve been asked to install the XenAppClient and ICAWebwrapper onto the computers which we have done.

It seems when they click the Finance system link it loads up the XenApp bit and asks for the user and pass.
They then get onto the next screen which should open up the citrix client that displays the LEA desktop.

This doesnt happen, it just gives a loading sign and but nothing pops up from the XenApp page.

Any ideas?

I've tried diabling activex filtering and adding the server ip address into trusted sites. Ive tried firefox and also because my manager faffs and accidently uninstalled the antivirus (stupid) wev tried without one.