Hi all.

I need a little help with VDIab.

Let me give you some background information first.

We run our school on two vlans (Admin & Curric), the Curric vlan has it's internet fully locked down so no access to youtube e.t.c.

If we have a physical machine on Curric and we wish to give it access to youtube, we give it a static IP through DHCP, then apply filtering through LGFL2.0. Simple.

However we have hit a problem, we have machines in a staff area, which are sitting on a curriculum VDI in a box. We need to give these virtual machines access to all websites.

These are pooled machines, not personal. So as far as I'm aware trying to static them through DHCP or Xen center wont work, because they get destroyed after the user logs off.

I cannot think of a way of getting these specific virtual machines a different level of access over the curric vlan, they are on a different template to the students virtual machines but on the same vlan.

Has anyone else had this issue and managed to get around it?

I hope I have explain properly