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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Impero on Citrix in Technical; Not too sure if any knows the answer but I have been ask to install impero on the Citrix Servers ...
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    Impero on Citrix

    Not too sure if any knows the answer but I have been ask to install impero on the Citrix Servers so the teacher can see each connection.

    Is anyone aware if this can be done and if it can be done what should I look out for?

    Just found this information

    Citrix Xen Desktop:
    Base template and a cloned desktop pool
    Install the Imperclientsetupxxxx.msi to the base image. If you want the name of the thinclient to
    report back to Impero console you will need to install Citrix tools.
    Static Virtual Machine
    Install the Imperclientsetupxxxx.msi to each static virtual machine in use.
    Citrix Xen App:
    For published desktops:
    Deploy Impero client to the Xen App server using the Citrix recommended install practices
    For Application publishing:
    This is currently an unsupported configuration for Impero. It has not been tested and is therefore
    not currently supported.
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    I am using impero in a very similar setup and with no issue. I don't fully understand what you need. We have installed impero on the base image, then we named the thin clients, ran a RegKey on them to remove the ICA name (I think), then created groups on the impero admin side.

    You don't need to install impero on the App servers, as the staff can access the console through the base image.

    I may have missed the point,

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    I know that Impero have done a fair bit of work on Citrix/Terminal Services compatibility recently, I last used Impero on RDS back on V3.2 and had some performance issues, but I am sure it is vastly advanced since then with V4.

    My suggestion is to contact Impero and ask them what configuration they recommend, since I know they have done a fair bit of testing on that platform when I was corresponding with them on my issue.

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    If Pm your details I will get one of the support guys/girls to call you and discuss what need to do. On a basic level if using images install client on image if using it like RDS setup install client on server.


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