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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Fat server advice in Technical; Hi all Long story short .. it has been 'suggested' by an outsider (sticking his oar in where it's not ...
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    Fat server advice

    Hi all

    Long story short .. it has been 'suggested' by an outsider (sticking his oar in where it's not wanted IMO) that the school consider a fat server/thin client set-up. I am aware of what this is but have zero experience of this.
    What i would like to know is what sort of server hardware is needed for such a set-up, if we have 60-ish clients?

    At this point i am guessing we would need to buy a new server for this!

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    You probably would, yes.

    Some people - usually know nothings who like to stick their oars in - seem to think that VDI and remote desktop are miracle technologies... and lets be clear about it, there are scenarios in business and in education where they make sense... but essentially you're taking the money you might have saved by deploying "thin" instead of "fat" clients and you're investing it in infrastructure. Not just the servers either - the comms between the clients and the terminal server/vdi farm need to be able to handle the change too.

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    A new server is usually the tip of the iceberg as you will need to ensure your whol;e network is up to scratch.

    However, if you would like to looking into some options we could offer from our excellent refurb stock we could help with this at a fraction of the cost

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