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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Dell Wyse E01 with MPS2012 in Technical; Is anyone else using Dell Wyse E01 USB thin clients with Multipoint Server 2012? if so, have you encountered an ...
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    Dell Wyse E01 with MPS2012

    Is anyone else using Dell Wyse E01 USB thin clients with Multipoint Server 2012?
    if so, have you encountered an error where the USB clients freeze periodically but can be restored by unplugging either the power or usb connection to the host?

    I am waiting on Dell to release non-Beta drivers for Multipoint server 2012 in the hope that the drivers are to blame for the freezing.

    E02 stations do not have the same problem strangely enough.

    If anyone has any ideas they are gratefully received

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    Yes, I have this same problem.

    Running WMS 2012, Wyse E01, LG W2240 and W1946S. Wyse units powered from three Startech 4 port USB 3 PCIe cards.

    I have noticed that it happens more fequently when I log into a station as admin (not in maintenance mode) then sign out. Weird.

    The major problem I have is getting the screen resolution to change. The local monitor will change to anything, the Wyse powered stations will only display in 1024x768, reguardless what local is set to.

    I have contacted Microsoft support. No help. Wyse Support. No help. I've tried every registry hack under the sun. Still locked to 1024x768.

    The "Beta drivers" ARE the non-Beta drivers!!! Yeah, I said the same thing!

    I have hated DELL all my life, for this reason. They really, REALLY SUCK! At customer support, quality of service, etc, etc.

    I really like WMS. 2011 version was good, solid on the E01. 2012 has caused us nothing but grief. I hate to say it, if I can't get over these hurdles, boss looking at a Linux replacement. Licenses are cheaper, and the company that makes it gives 100% support on hardware/software.

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