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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, youtube over rdp in Technical; Is any one using thin clients and can play video over a terminal session reliably e.g. YouTube or do you ...
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    youtube over rdp

    Is any one using thin clients and can play video over a terminal session reliably e.g. YouTube or do you run all videos on the local machine? We are talking about taking the plunge into virtual machine ect with all our existing pcs as win 7 clients and going the full monty but we use clickview and the staff will want to use youtube. So we could have the users login to the pc and then they can login to the terminal. So we keep it separate, remote for general use and local for videos etc. So what you guys do when it comes to video. We will go the hyper-v windows 2012 route so. Can a terminal session handle everything if the big server has a big video card and a big sound card?

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    We have two thin client setups, one as a virtual pool and one as session based.

    RDP 8.0 is fine for youtube for us on both setups, obviously it is smoother and nicer through a virtual pool as it uses the graphics card properly but the session based is fine. It does depend on your browser to though, for exampel Internet Explorer is worse for youtube then Chrome we have found.

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