Hey Guys,

I know this may not be the best part of the forum to ask this question, however, i do enjoy the friendly replies and hope you guys can help me out as usual!

I'm looking to make a home server, running 24/7 and thought i may be best with ESXi as i want to do numerous of things such as:
Media Server - Also double as downloading server.
Web hosting - personal use only.
FTP - personal use only
Home Automation
Security measures/firewall
File Server

As you can see i could potentially, have a server doing multiple things. However this is my question. so i could maybe create about 3/4 servers or maybe many small ones using little resources.

Would something like this be a good processor AMD Piledriver FX-8 Eight Core 8350 Black Edition 4.00GHz (Socket AM3+) Processor - Retail [FD8350FRHKBOX] or AMD Bulldozer FX-8 Eight Core 8150 Black Edition 3.60Ghz (Socket AM3+) Processor - Retail [FD8150FRGUBOX]

I use AMD on my gaming/personal computer and i have been impressed. for the same money and intel, i can only get a 4core i5... but people say they are better? what would i be best off doing? paying the same money for a 'less powerful' intel chip or just get the AMD?

Im aiming for 8-16GB Ram 1600MHz and 2-4TB hard drive space and i cant see any need for a graphics card.

Is this overkill or do i need to maybe put even more money into it to have the servers do what i want?

Many Thanks,