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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, VMWare Convertor in Technical; I've decided to "upgrade" my home Win2000 machine to XP by virtualising my exisiting machine and then wiping old C ...
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    VMWare Convertor

    I've decided to "upgrade" my home Win2000 machine to XP by virtualising my exisiting machine and then wiping old C Drive and installing a fresh XP install on it.

    Downloaded VMWare Convertor - chucked as much data off the C Drive as I could and then converted the Win2000 to a VMWare image on a portable USB drive.

    1st time took 4 hours and failed at 97% :cry:

    Seems that you have to change some reg settings to do with setting the reg size (applies to NT and Win2000 setups) - I wish they'd mention this before I started.

    Re-tried again this morning while out doing a bit of summer extra work and came back to a lovely working Virtual Machine of my old setup.

    (I sacrificed all my MOHAA, Call of Duty, Flight Sim/Combat games as I didn't think these would work too well inside a VM and I managed to get my image down to 60GB)

    Just posting to say that the software does what it says on the packet



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    Re: VMWare Convertor

    Funnily enough, I used this today for the first time as well. I converted a MS Virtual PC image to a VMWare Server image with no difficulties whatsoever.

    Good stuff this VMWare...

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    Re: VMWare Convertor

    Hmm should try that with my PC to virtualise my XP Pro so I can run it on Vista, saves SATA lead swapping. Not that I have swapped from Vista to XP at all since I installed it as it works pritty darned well for me, small niggles but I'm fixing them or have fixed them no issues.

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