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South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) Thread, Primary School Partnerships in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); ...
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    Primary School Partnerships

    The school wants to set up a partnership with our feeder primary schools and I was hoping tthat someone had already gone down this route successfully. The starting point was creating them each a site on our VLE but every time we asked our IT provider they said we would need a Sharepoint Internet licence because they were not in our Active Directory - these cost £10K. Clearly this is beyond the finances of any primary so the cost would fall on us - unless some sponsor could be found. I also pointed out that this would only give them access to anything that was on their site, I think they were labouring under the idea that this would allow them access to their school account through our network. The school has reserved a URL for the partnership but I have said that this would require someone to monitor and moderate the site and there would be problems with who was allowed to change and upload content on such an open platform as the Internet.

    My experience of 'extranets' is very limited but is anything I have said wrong or am I making something more complicated than it needs be? The success of this would accrue countless smartie points but I'm not counting them just yet.
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