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South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) Thread, IMAP through SWGfL in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Hello. I'm currently trying to set up classroom email accounts for an infant school for an upcoming season of lessons ...
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    IMAP through SWGfL


    I'm currently trying to set up classroom email accounts for an infant school for an upcoming season of lessons on communication. Basically the need is for them to be able to email other classes. I've set up an email account through FastMail for each class with the intention of setting each class up with a Outlook Express / WinLiveMail front end to the account through an IMAP connection. Of course, silly me forgets when formulating this masterplan that SWGfL make everything as difficult as possible and i'm getting no response when i try to connect to the IMAP server. I've checked that the domain itself that the mail client tries to connect to isn't blocked (which it isn't) and the proxy is correct in the client, but i can't get the IMAP service to work on standard or SSL connection.

    Is it actually possible to get IMAP working across SWGfL? Or are there any free providers who are specifically unblocked?

    Any advice welcome.

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    you need to put a change control request into the SWGFL to allow the traffic through

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