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South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) Thread, SWGfL and Google Apps in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Originally Posted by hudzen76 Anybody else been taken by surprise as Google applications (Gmail, Picasa, Docs etc.) failed to work ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hudzen76 View Post
    Anybody else been taken by surprise as Google applications (Gmail, Picasa, Docs etc.) failed to work this morning? Found the article on the website explaining why they've done it (SSL searches on Google bypassing the filters) so appreciate why they've done it, but why do we only seem to find these things are happening afterwards, or is it just me?!
    Yeah I got an email explaining the situation about an hour after getting into work. A memeber of our own staff had already emailed me about the lack of gmail...

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    this is fixed now:

    Official Google Enterprise Blog: An update on encrypted web search in schools

    Less than two weeks ago, we announced here that we would be moving our encrypted search service to a new hostname in order to better serve our school partners and their users. Today, we moved encrypted search from https://www.google.com to https://encrypted.google.com. The site functions in the same way. However, if school network administrators decide to block encrypted searches on https://encrypted.google.com, the blocking will no longer affect Google authenticated services like Google Apps for Education.

    We are continuing to explore longer-term options such that we could return encrypted search to https://www.google.com without introducing issues with school content filters.

  3. Thanks to CyberNerd from:

    hudzen76 (5th July 2010)

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