Hi All,

This might be a silly question but I will ask anyway and give the reason.

Last week I had about 20 users all trying to access a https site using different usernames etc (it was for Thrive training). They said that if one person tried to add a record to the system logged on as 'user1' while someone else in the suite (logged on as 'user2') tried to access another page they were not on then they would then be presented with the page as if they were 'User1'..... I am sure that still does not make sense after reading it 5 times so I will right it in steps

Both users are using IE10 and logged onto the Thrive site as...
1.PC1 is logged on as 'User1'
2.PC2 is logged on as 'User2'
3.User1 adds a record to Thrive and saves
4.User2 refreshes Thrive page on PC2 and it now says they are logged in as 'User1' (they should be 'User2')

eMy question is...

Does SWGFL proxy cache cookies or something that would cause this issue to happen? I ask because this is a idea put forward by the programmer's of the software, they think I need to disable the cache on the proxy. If that is what is needed then why didn't Merlin and all other content management systems fall foul of this issue?

I hope someone can make sense of this and give an answer

Thanks for your time and effort in advance