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South East Grid for Learning (SEGfL) Thread, Dorset Schools - Updata / DCC or other ? in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Hi there DCC secondary schools are now faced with a choice of remaining with DCC (DPSN Dorset Public Sector Network ...
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    Dorset Schools - Updata / DCC or other ?

    Hi there
    DCC secondary schools are now faced with a choice of remaining with DCC (DPSN Dorset Public Sector Network using KCom as the supplier) or moving to an independent supplier.
    Up until now, DCC used Updata to provide service. Updata are going it alone and have written to schools with a more competitively priced offering.

    Anybody out there have any thoughts on this ? Or already made the decision to go with DPSN / Updata / other ?
    Would be interested to hear...


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    I'd like to stay with updata but it means extra work for me. So I'll probably procratinate until it's to late.

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    Why will it mean extra work? They can provide all the installation and also the easymail, filtering etc via swgfl that they always have?
    I want to stay with updata - they have been very efficient here and are pleasant and knowledgeable. I dont know if my schools will listen to me though

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