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Scripts Thread, PowerShell Bulk create Users from csv in Coding and Web Development; Hello all, Thought I would share this as it has taken 2 hours of mashing my head against a wall ...
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    PowerShell Bulk create Users from csv

    Hello all,

    Thought I would share this as it has taken 2 hours of mashing my head against a wall getting it working and thought I would spare others a bit of pain

    This script uses the 'Active Directory module for Windows Powershell' but the key point (that took me ages to work out, and seems mad) is you should not run it from a domain controller! instead I ran it from a member server while logged in as a Domain Admin

    Import-Csv .\2012Users.csv | foreach-object {
    $userprinicpalname = $_.SamAccountName + "@yourdomain.com"
    New-ADUser -SamAccountName $_.SamAccountName -UserPrincipalName $userprinicpalname -Name $_.name -DisplayName $_.name -GivenName $_.FirstName -SurName $_.LastName -Path "OU=year7,OU=Pupils,DC=yourdomain,DC=com" -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString "Passwordgoeshere" -AsPlainText -force) -Enabled $True -ChangePasswordAtLogon $True -PassThru }
    obviously change the yourdomain.com, path to the OU and default password to suit your school.

    the CSV should have the following columns


    when run the script will create the users, using their login name as the Display name. No Profile or home folder will be set - this could be added in I think, but is straight forward enough to do in AD users and computers (and I was fed up with tinkering in powershell by that point!)

    Hope this is useful to someone.

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    I know I'm a little late to the game here sorry, however I have updated this a little bit to be more flexible, if not readable.

    $import = Import-Csv .\Users.csv
      foreach-object -input$import {
          $upn = $_.SamAccountName +"@YOURDOMAIN"
          $name = $_.name
          $displayname = $_.name
          $givenname = $_.FirstName
          $surname = $_.Lastname
          $Password = "PASSWORD GOES HERE"
          $enabled = $True
          $changePW = $False
          new-ADUser -Name$name -SamAccountName $_.SamAccountName -UserPrincipalName $upn -DisplayName $displayname -GivenName $givenname -SurName $surname -Path $path -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString $password -AsPlainText -force) -Enabled $enabled -ChangePasswordAtLogon $changePW -PassThru
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