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    Xibo A or B week

    This is my first post on edugeek, I chose to post this here as there is quite a lot of interesting stuff especially relating to xibo.

    The code Iíve uploaded switches the contents of a text file between a or b on each run of the program.

    I schedule the program to run once a week (Mondays at 1am in my case) to update the text file for the week, I then read the contents of the text file with some php and display it on our xibo clents.

    The weekchnage program is my first step into the world of python. Please feel free to make changes and improvements.

    The code is attached in the zip as a .py and there is a folder (WeekChange BIN) containing the binary for windows.
    Please keep the contents of the WeekChange BIN folder all together as the exe requires the other files in the folder.
    you can run the .py file if you install python on your computer. the program is written in version 2.7


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