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Scripts Thread, Copy Windows Library files from Share in Coding and Web Development; Hi We've had issues with Windows 7 library files and wish to make sure they work once and for all. ...
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    Copy Windows Library files from Share


    We've had issues with Windows 7 library files and wish to make sure they work once and for all. This script only needs to run once when the profile is created.

    Copy from \\UNCPATH\libraries\*.library-ms to

    \\UNC\share$\yeargroup\username.V2\appdata\roaming \microsoft\windows\libraries\*.library-ms

    If it could just copy over the entire libraries folder that would be great....

    thanks in advance

    PS I tried to get GPO in Windows2008R2 to do it, but the server

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    I know this is a bit old, but did you get this to work.

    I have a primary lab where the users have removed some library locations. I want to copy the library files on logon so every time they log on they will have the correct locations.

    I tried copying manually first, but the library comes up blank asking me to include locations. I have removed the owner sid and serialized tags from the file.

    any advice?


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