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Scripts Thread, batch file to remove swf games in Coding and Web Development; I have created a batchfile that removes listed swf games, eg.. del "%Folder%d-missile.swf" /S /F /Q >> %TextFile% then just ...
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    batch file to remove swf games

    I have created a batchfile that removes listed swf games,

    eg.. del "%Folder%\3d-missile.swf" /S /F /Q >> %TextFile%

    then just all the games we have found like that, but i have gathered together a mass of games and would like to get a batch file to check against this folder of games and then remove from the students home drives.

    any ideas

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    I'm not sure what you're asking.

    Do you want to check against %TextFile%, add it into %TextFile% if it isn't there and then delete %game%.swf?

    Le EDIT: Coffee just kicked in. Check the list, delete if on the list.

    Le EDIT MK.2: You're looking at a loop within a loop with a conditional command.

    1) List the directory of the user area [Set file = variableA] [FOR /F %%A in (DIR \\server\share\userarea /S /B)]
    2) Set content of blacklist as a variable. [Each file = variableB] [FOR /F %%B in (blacklist.txt)]
    3) IF variableA is the same as variableB, delete variableA. [IF /I %%A==%%B DEL %%A]

    So, you end up with:

    :: Check search User areas
    FOR /F %A in ("DIR \\server\share\userdocuments /S /B") DO
    	:: Check against blacklist
    	For /F %B in (CheckFile.txt) DO
    		:: DELETE!
    		IF /I %A==%B DEL %A
    It may work... I haven't tested it.
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