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Scripts Thread, Saved 40GB space on shared drives in Coding and Web Development; Originally Posted by jinnantonnixx A way around this would be to add '-exec rename ...' to add a flag to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jinnantonnixx View Post
    A way around this would be to add '-exec rename ...' to add a flag to a resized file. e.g. lolcat_rs.jpg. Adding _rs to the file flags it as resized. Then add a condition to the find to ignore the _rs flag. e.g.( .... ! -iname "*_rs.jpg") .

    Just a thought....
    like this:
    find ./ -type f -size +1M -mtime +426 \( -iname "*.jpg" ! -iname "rs_*" \) -exec convert -resize 60X60% -quality 60 {} rs_{} \;

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    Quote Originally Posted by zag View Post
    We have done this for a number of years, saves about 10gb a term for us. No one has ever noticed in the 6 years I've been doing it.

    On windows 7 you can just search for all the jpgs on a shared drive like this in the file explorer search box

    size:large *.jpg
    Then use Image Resizer for Windows to just right click and resize the images. In my experience it saves around 90% of the size by resizing to Large.
    Holy heck, just ran this on the Shared area here and found a little over 35,000 jpg's! :O
    Going to shrink them now, that's ridiculuous!
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