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Scripts Thread, [Powershell] Administrator Account Expiry Script in Coding and Web Development; Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has or could make and post a Powershell script here to set the ...
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    Cool [Powershell] Administrator Account Expiry Script

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if anyone has or could make and post a Powershell script here to set the Administrator Accounts Password Expiry on Windows Server 2008 R2 to Never Expire. If someone could post one that I could use and or adapt it would be brilliant.


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    If you don't have that many admin accounts on AD, you can list them in a text file and do the below

    Powershell to set AD user password to never Expire - Powershell.com

    So, to prevent a user's password from expiring using the Quest AD cmdlets, use the following:
    Set-QADUser -Identity <UserDN> -PasswordNeverExpires $true
    Get-QADUser -Identity <someuser> | Set-QADUser -passwordNeverExpires $true

    Maybe edit the 2nd line of code to :
     get-content “c:\users.txt” | Set-QADUser -passwordNeverExpires $true
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