Hi folks,
Iíve had a troll through the posts and canít find the answer to my robocopy problem.
Basically I have to copy virtual images to many lab computers on campus. Iíve been using a command line:

robocopy "\\servername\imagesfolder$\VMWare\VM Labs 2011-12\c-Drive" "\\targetPC\c$\VMWare" /E /R:3 /W:5

In the ďc-DriveĒ folder on the server I have 3 or 4 VMs, and the script checks the target PC to see if the VM is already there and if not it copies over the missing VM folder. Problem is I have to run the script in a cmd shell, then edit the targetPC name and run the script again in another cmd shell and so on. Very time consuming and can often have 50 or 60 cmd windows open on screen!
Could anyone tell me how I can pipe in a txt file into my command line with the targetPC names in it and the command will read from that txt please? I also need it to be running the copy to the entire list of PCs at the same time. In other words not copy to one PC then move to the next and so on.

Any help gratefully appreciated 