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Scripts Thread, Net send message script in Coding and Web Development; Hi all. I would to run a script on my domain controller at just before lunch that we inform / ...
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    Net send message script

    Hi all. I would to run a script on my domain controller at just before lunch that we inform / remind the teacher to turn off the projectors.

    The trick is I want to use net send to an OU (just the teachers only)

    Plenty of googling has given me some scripts to do this - but I cant get them working.

    Has any one done this before?



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    I wouldnt bother with netsend.

    What i would do is create a small .vbs file to display a message store it in a share. Then create a scheduled task so at time x it will run and display the message.

    What OS on your server and clients do you use?

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