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Scripts Thread, Batch file needed please in Coding and Web Development; I'm trying to write a batch file to do a series of tasks when a ping fails so far I ...
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    Question Batch file needed please

    I'm trying to write a batch file to do a series of tasks when a ping fails so far I have the following but I'm unsure of the syntax and how to get mutiple lines into the if statement
    @echo off
    set ipaddr=
    set state=down
    for /f "tokens=5,7" %%a in (ping -n 1 !ipaddr!') do (
    if "x%%a"=="xReceived" if "x%%b"=="x1," set state=up
    if state=up goto :eof
    {something in here for ping fail}
    Does this sort of look ok or is there maybe an easier way

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    Well I can't run BAT files here to test it, but from a quick glance looks like a far bit of that you don't need really.

    state=down/up doesn't nothing, unless you're using it later in the script. You might aswell just replace set state-up with a goto:

    Don't really need setlocal as it's just declaring local vars, and with that script it doesn't really matter either way.


    More like this:

    @echo  off
    set ipaddr=XXX
    for PING) do (
    if NOT A if NOT B goto fail
    goto pass
    Amg it passed
    Amg it failed
    Aka it checks if it's not valid, if not it'll jump to fail, else it'll run passed. (Or nothing if it's only to check fail)

    Only an idea :P

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    Another variant:

    @echo  off
    set ipaddr=XXXX
    PING -n 1 -w 7500 %ipaddr% | find "TTL=" || goto fail 
    echo :)
    goto eof
    echo :(

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