I just installed and everything is going well for me now, use LDAP, and everything runs perfect.

Now the issue I have is that any user can request a room, and this is reserved, what I really need is that the room is requested and this is pending the approval of the administrator.

Search my systemdefaults.inc.php and found no way to make users do not automatically reserve.

I attached what seemed relevant to me edit my systemdefaults.inc.php

PHP Code:


// These settings control whether bookings made by ordinary users need to be
// approved by an admin.   The settings here are the default settings for new
// areas.  The settings for individual areas can be changed from within MRBS.

$approval_enabled TRUE;  // Set to TRUE to enable booking approval

// Set to FALSE if you don't want users to be able to send reminders
// to admins when bookings are still awaiting approval.
$reminders_enabled TRUE;


// These settings are system-wide and control the behaviour in all areas.

// Interval before reminders can be issued (in seconds).   Only
// working days (see below) are included in the calculation
$reminder_interval 60*60*24*2;  // 2 working days

// Days of the week that are working days (Sunday = 0, etc.)
$working_days = array(1,2,3,4,5);  // Mon-Fri


// Allows bookings to be marked as "tentative", ie not yet 100% certain,
// and confirmed later.   Useful if you want to reserve a slot but at the same
// time let other people know that there's a possibility it may not be needed.
$confirmation_enabled TRUE;

// The default confirmation status for new bookings.  (TRUE: confirmed, FALSE: tentative)
// Only used if $confirmation_enabled is TRUE.   If $confirmation_enabled is 
// FALSE, then all new bookings are confirmed automatically.
$confirmed_default FALSE
Can anyone help me?

I have other issues but the questions I will be doing later.

sorry for my English (I've tweaked with google translator)