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Scripts Thread, Set permissions on users folders in Coding and Web Development; I need to set the permisons on the home folders of my users to just the user and the administrator ...
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    Set permissions on users folders

    I need to set the permisons on the home folders of my users to just the user and the administrator having full control. The user name is the same as the folder name, is there an easy way to do this?

    Folder stucture


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    Take a look at this: SetACL - Windows permission management

    I personally have no idea how to use it, never have, but i know that's how it was done last time ours was done

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    Just been through this again, solution i used was as follows:
    1) command line on server
    2) cd to the home directory folder, in my case cd u:\students\09
    3) dir /b >>c:\students.txt
    4) open c:\students.txt, select all then copy into an excel sheet in one column A.
    5) in column B type: echo y|cacls
    6) in column C type the home dir path eg u:\students\09or for you d:\HomeFolders\
    7) in column D type: /c /g yourdomain\
    8) in column E type: :f /g yourdomain\administrators:f
    9)now for the magic in column F type:
    =B1&" "&C1&A1&" "&D1&A1&" "&E1
    10) you should now have a command line to change the permission as requested
    if you use edit fill down on all columns to make each one as long as column A then at the end copy and paste column F into a text file save it as a batch file then run it.

    hope this helps
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