i managed to make it search in tree but is a problem... if exist another folder with name House it stops at first named House (Ex: if in folder Photos exist folder name House it stops there). I want to make it search for House inside Folder Music

$hwnd=ControlGetHandle ( "", "", "[CLASS:SysTreeView32]" )
$music = _GUICtrlTreeView_FindItem($hwnd, "Music")

If $music Then
$namemusic = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetItemHandle($hwnd, $music)

_GUICtrlTreeView_EnsureVisible($hwnd, $namemusic)

$prof = _GUICtrlTreeView_FindItem($hwnd, "House", True, $namemusic)

_GUICtrlTreeView_EnsureVisible($hwnd, $prof)

_GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem($hwnd, $prof, "left");

Who can help me make it search House only inside the Music folder not from the root