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Scripts Thread, Desktop shortcut deployment script in Coding and Web Development; Yet another little gem I cooked up thanks to a few contributors (ajbritton being a principal one). This script deploys ...
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    Desktop shortcut deployment script

    Yet another little gem I cooked up thanks to a few contributors (ajbritton being a principal one).

    This script deploys desktop shortcuts from a folder structure on a shared network drive and copies them to the users own desktop according to their OU membership.

    It also wipes the desktop of any other shortcuts before it starts so it could probably use a fair bit of work to make it more user friendly where you want to keep existing shortcuts, etc...

    Folder structure at present is setup as:
    [shareroot]\Common - for shortcuts for ALL users

    Note: This assumes you have a common software environment (ie: you're going to install shortcuts that are valid for ALL computers).

    In terms of using it... all you need to do is install the script.. setup the shareroot directory, create the folders required and edit the CASE routine to suit your own OU organisation/setup..

    Shortcuts you want to deploy just need to be copied into the relevant folders and you'll see them copied to your users desktop next time they login.

    Like I said this could probably be re-written to make it a heck of a lot more versatile but it works for what I need... Feel free to improve it

    Edit: Edited the title as "Desktop icon deployment script" is obviously not quite right :P
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    Instead of OU Can someone convert to Groups

    Was wondering if someone could chang this script so that it searches groups instead of OU's that would be very helpful to me.. thank you.

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