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Scripts Thread, create service from myApp.exe -- remotley in Coding and Web Development; Hey guys, Ive got a PITA problem i cant shake. Ive made an compiled script (autoit) that i want to ...
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    create service from myApp.exe -- remotley

    Hey guys,

    Ive got a PITA problem i cant shake.

    Ive made an compiled script (autoit) that i want to run in labs and i want it to run automatically at system startup regardless of interactive logon. So ... service.

    I can do this locally via the srvany.exe/instsvr.exe method but id like to push this out before next image rollout.

    I have tried the sc.exe \\remote create method as well but here is where i fail.

    My service wont start with the sc method, but will with the srvany.exe method. What gives?
    I install the service as auto start, type interactive.

    Nothing appears in event log or sc query in regards to error codes so i am abit lost.

    Any tips or direction?


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    That's an excellent question that I'm afraid I can't answer. Have you tried posting on the AutoIt forums? Not surprisingly, there are many AutoIt gurus there.

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