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Scripts Thread, Very Basic 'Print Logging' System in Coding and Web Development; Hello, This is a script to generate a CSV file based on the EventLog readings(System->EventCode 10 (Successful print)), it will ...
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    Smile Very Basic 'Print Logging' System


    This is a script to generate a CSV file based on the EventLog readings(System->EventCode 10 (Successful print)), it will obviously mean you need to alter your EventLogging settings to allow for capturing as many events as you want to log (eg, up the filesize limit / manually delete).

    I'm not suggesting I wrote much of this and it has a fatal flaw, it doesn't query the TimeGenerated date through WMI, it instead uses a crude comparison - so it's a bit wasteful and could be tweaked, it also relies on all printers are your printserver, it doesn't connect remotely although you could alter the code as necessary.

    You can alter where you save to, the filename etc in the code - it's not the best code in the world... but it's free and it does do what it is supposed to :-P.

    See below for code:

    Private Function GetVBDate(DateTime)  
    GetVBDate =  DateSerial(left(DateTime,4),mid(DateTime,5,2),mid(DateTime,7,2))    
    End Function  
    'get wmi date to vbdate
    Dim objFso, objFolder, objWMI, objEvent ' Objects
    Dim strFile, strComputer, strFolder, strFileName, strPath ' Strings
    Dim intEvent, intNumberID, intRecordNum, colLoggedEvents
    dim theDate, startDate, endDate, temp1, temp2
    ' --------------------------------------------
    ' Set your variables
    intNumberID = 10 ' Event ID Number
    intEvent = 1
    intRecordNum = 1
    strComputer = "."
    'alter as necessary
    strFileName = "\PrintReport.csv"
    strFolder = "C:\PrintReports"
    strPath = strFolder & strFileName
    startDate = inputbox("Please Enter Start Date (first date of printing) in DD/MM/YYYY format")
    endDate = inputbox("Please Enter End Date (last date of printing) in DD/MM/YYYY format")
    ' ----------------------------------------
    ' Section to create folder to hold file.
    Set objFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    If objFSO.FolderExists(strFolder) Then
        Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(strFolder)
       Set objFolder = objFSO.CreateFolder(strFolder)
       Wscript.Echo "Folder created " & strFolder
    End If
    Set strFile = objFso.CreateTextFile(strPath, True)
    ' Next section creates the file to store Events
    ' Then creates WMI connector to the Logs
    Set objWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
    & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _
    & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
    Set colLoggedEvents = objWMI.ExecQuery _
    ("Select * from Win32_NTLogEvent Where Logfile = 'System'" )
    intEvent = 1
    strFile.WriteLine "Date, DocName, User, Printer, IP/USB, Pages"
    For Each objEvent in colLoggedEvents
    If (objEvent.EventCode = intNumberID) Then
    theDate = getVBDate(objEvent.TimeGenerated)
    theDate = formatDateTime(theDate, vbShortDate)
    startDate = formatDateTime(startDate, vbShortDate)
    endDate = formatDateTime(endDate, vbShortDate)
    if ((theDate >= startDate) AND (theDate <= endDate)) Then
    temp1 = theDate&"::"& objEvent.Message
    temp1 = replace(temp1, " owned by ","::")
    temp1 = replace(temp1, " was printed on ","::")
    temp1 = replace(temp1, " via port ", "::")
    temp1 = replace(temp1, ".  Size in bytes: ", "::")
    temp1 = replace(temp1, "; pages printed: ","::")
    temp1 = replace(temp1, ",", "")
    temp1 = replace(temp1, "::",",")
    temp2 = split(temp1,",")
    temp1 = temp2(0)&","&temp2(1)&","&temp2(2)&","&temp2(3)&","&temp2(4)&","&temp2(6)
    strFile.WriteLine temp1
    intRecordNum = intRecordNum +1
    End If
    End if
    IntEvent = intEvent +1
    theDate = ""
    Wscript.Echo "Complete, check folder."
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